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Gary McFarlane 

Gary McFarlane

Director CIEH NI

Gary was appointed as the Director for the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) in Northern Ireland in late 2001. The CIEH is a national, professional, charitable organisation whose mission is to maintain, enhance and promote improvements in public health through knowledge, understanding and campaigning. As director he is involved in contributing to the development of healthy public policy working with government ministers and departments, local authorities, universities, non-governmental organisations (NGO) and the private sector.

Currently much of this work seeks to assist in re-establishing the critical links between environment and health within the context of sustainable development and public health. This includes advocacy work with policy makers and politicians as well as working with practitioners, academics and researchers to build awareness, understanding and capacity in this area. Gary has authored and contributed to several policy papers/publications and delivered presentations on these topics at regional, national and international level.

Gary is currently the lead within CIEH on sustainable development issues, including developing the organisations own credentials through the introduction of sustainable, strategic management, corporate governance and operations. Gary is also currently a board member of Sustainable Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland Environment Link (NIEL), and chairs the advisory board to the environmental health undergraduate programme at the University of Ulster.

Gary has also just recently been appointed to the Safe Food Scientific Advisory Committee.



  • To raise the public profile of environmental health practice within Northern Ireland and promote the value and contribution of the environmental health approach to sustained, improved public health and wellbeing.
  • To work with government, local authorities, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and beyond to assist in the development of an approach on policies that maximises their potential for improved environmental and public health.
  • To develop, promote and represent CIEH policies for Northern Ireland where appropriate.
  • To contribute to the development, education and training of environmental and public health professionals and facilitate linkages with the CIEH based training and development courses and events where appropriate.
  • To work closely with the Northern Ireland region and particularly the Strategy Committee.


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