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Regional activity

What we do:

The region aims to provide a more accessible and meaningful membership service in Northern Ireland through:

  • Maintaining a close working relationship with the Northern Ireland directorate
  • Liaising with elected CIEH Trustees for Northern Ireland.
  • Raising the public profile of the CIEH to members within the Province and promoting the value of environmental health professionals to others.
  • Liaising with existing environmental health structures in Northern Ireland (e.g. CEHOG and its associated sub groups).
  • Attending Northern Ireland region management board meetings and providing interim progress reports and briefing papers as necessary.
  • Attending and participating in the CIEH regional networks such as the forum for the regions and other such meetings as appropriate and relevant.

Assisting in the development of competent persons by:

  • Contributing to the development, education and training of Environmental Health Professionals where appropriate.
  • Facilitating linkages with the CIEH based training and development courses and events where appropriate.

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